Whilst we will be allowed inside at the Fugies from this week (May 20th), we won’t be permitted to sing apparently. Hopefully this will be reviewed and amended shortly. Meanwhile we plan to carry on gathering outside to sing, starting at 6.30, to make the most of the time while it’s still light, and hopefully still warm and dry!

By this time most of us will have had our vaccinations so will be fairly safe and not spreading the virus about.

There will of course be certain restrictions, much as there were last year, including no more than 30 gathering.

Our Monday Zoom sessions will also be continuing for the time being as not everyone will want to be outside for an hour or 2 in the evening.

The Monday Zoom session starts at 7:30. To join, follow this LINK

Details are:  ID:734 991 2554 Passcode: 797694

Contact the club HERE or see our Facebook page